Monday, April 09, 2007

View From the Top

And that's why I love Makara.

Pity about the bone shattering descent though as I seem to have hurt my back. I'm now perambulating around the house like a gerontological disaster zone.

Oh and in light of my last post about the ER it seems the nurses are into the same sort of thing. Not quite as graphic but they do have their moments.

Here are a few examples:

From the disgusting.

Female caller asks- "Is dog semen harmful if swallowed?

To the purely foul.

Caller: Can you get STD's from a sheep?
Nurse: Excuse me (OMG did I really hear this right)
Caller: Can you get STD's from a sheep?
Nurse: I think that you should call the local vet!

And the truly bizarre.

When I worked in OB, I had someone call and she was masturbating to the answers that I was giving about breast-feeding questions - the situation didn't actually get weird and suspicious until she asked if I had ever breast-fed a baby - I currently had a 4 month old that I was nursing and, unfortunately, I was sort of punchy (it was 3 am and I didn't tolerate nights that well) and answered yes - the breathing got harder and faster and I could hear lots of rustling and such (it was actually a woman) and I said I was going to hang up and they said "No, not yet, I'm not there yet..." - I blurted out "What the heck are you doing?" - they managed to answer between pants "What do you think?" - then, I hung up.......

Y'know I'm truly glad I don't work in medicine.

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