Friday, June 30, 2006

Party Time.

Well it's been the last week in the House before a two week recess and because it's the middle of the year there's been a few gathering during the week. My spies tell me there's been some interesting attendances.

Tuesday night saw United Future and the Greens have their bashes. My spy eschewed United Future on the basis it would be red wine and communion biscuits and a lot of hearty prayer and made a beeline for the Greens. Apparently the organic beer was exceptionally good this year and the finger food superb (although Sue Kedgley was taken to task for its origins not being labelled). Among the usual Green Party hangers on there were some guests whose presence might not have been anticipated. Quite a few Nat's turned up, notably Party leader Don Brash and Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee. The word is being exposed to such a gather of rampant socialism didn't cause them to spontaneously combust and they actually appeared to enjoy themselves.

On Wednesday night it was the National Party's turn. According to my Molesworth mole the Nat's are party animals when they get going (which is kind of hard to believe from their everyday appearance)and this was no exception. Celebrations went into the wee hours leaving many MP's worse for wear the next day. Their attendance at Select Committees on Thursday morning was somewhat sparse.

Anyway in the spirit of reciprocity a number of Green MP's made it along for the event. It's hard to imagine Keith Locke boogying down with the Judith Collins and Murray McCullys of this world but apparently it did happen.

One can only imagine what the Labour hacks are making of this new Blue _Green relationship. Especially in light of the Government losing a vote on microchipping last week.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Still Dancing - But is it Horizontal?

Some interesting observations were to be made in Parliament during question time today. After a lengthy absence through his Dancing with the Stars duties ACT Party leader Rodney Hide was back in the house.

The rhythmless one appeared to be making up for missed time being very feisty and essentially trying to take on the Speaker Margaret Wilson. He raised one point of order after another during the debate over Auckland's power situation. Now Rodney's normally rambunctious at the best of times but today it seemed as if he was puting on an extra special performance.

I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact his erstwhile dancing partner, Krystal, was watching his every move from the public gallery? It was very obvious that when Hide finished his performance and departed the chamber she was quick to follow.

So their TV dancing my be over but it seems there's still some lambada going on.