Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Kiddie Effect

There's a major difference between our current Government and the previous one that I only found out about today.

It turns out the current National Party led Cabinet is a lot more fecund than that of the old Labour regime. Apparently, between them, our current collection of Ministers have 19 school age children.

That compares to just two when Helen Clark was chairing the meetings.

Now I'd hate for anyone to read too much into this (no comments about them being a bunch of f**kers please!) but apparently it has had some interesting ramifications.

It's all to do with the ministerial residences. You see under Labour most Ministers ended up renting apartments. But apartments are hardly the best residence when you have kids underfoot. So it seems the powers that be have been having a bit of time locating suitably appropriate digs for our new ministerial warrant holders.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Never Fuck With a Dentist.

This morning I was having one of those terrible semi-muffled conversations with my dentist.

You know the one. He's talking away merrily while you're making vague grunts through a mouthful of medieval torture implements.

Anyway ...

He was apologising for the lateness of my appointment. Apparently the early morning downpour had caused traffic chaos and his efforts had not been helped by a small incident that occurred upon his arrival at work. Apparently some charming individual had cut him off in traffic, nipped into the practice carpark, and stolen his reserved carpark. Furthermore, said individual was less than polite when the dentist remonstrated with him about his lack of driving etiquette.

However karmic balance was restored five minutes later when our driver friend found out exactly who was to do his root canal!!

Life. Sometimes it can be a real bitch.