Saturday, April 22, 2006

T' Other Side of the Story

Christchurch man Daryl Falcon's gained a fair bit of publicity in recent weeks for his assault on an 11 year old boy at Mairehau Primary School.

Now here's what the family of the 11 year old boy have to say about the case courtesy of a press release via a local PR company. Make of it what you will.

Media release
April 21 2006

Statement from Michael Teague, father of the young boy involved in an
alleged bullying incident in a Christchurch school

Colin Lee, director of Christchurch company Waimarie, was so concerned at
the pressure that the case involving an alleged bullying incident at a
Christchurch school was having on one of his employees Michael Teague (the
father of the son in question) that he not only sent the father home on
stress leave, but also enlisted the services of a PR firm to help the Teague
family issue a statement from their side of the issue.

Michael Teague has already suffered two heart attacks and is concerned that
undertaking a series of media interviews will further endanger his health.
However, the Teague family realises that they must put their side of the
case to ensure there is balance to this alleged incident and the aftermath.

A Christchurch father, whose son was pushed up against a wall and had a
man¹s fingers poked at his throat, said his son has been unfairly painted as
a habitual bully.

Michael Teague said that only one side of the story had emerged since the
11-year-old, a pupil at Mairehau Primary School, was assaulted by the father
of a fellow pupil.

The two children sat side by side in class and had been sniping at each
other for some time. My son then became annoyed and pushed a book at the
girl¹s arm. The teacher saw the incident and took both children away from
the classroom and gave detentions to both. Does that sound as though my son
was bullying her?

Mr Falcon dropped his daughter at a different school entrance the next
morning, because he knew it was the one my children used. The attack was
witnessed by my other son and daughter, who were terrified. It was also seen
by other pupils at the school. Mr Falcon was called a gentle giant in court
but what he did was a premeditated act of violence.

My son is big for his age ­ he weighs about 69kg. But that is almost 100kg
less than Mr Falcon. What is it saying about violence to have my son treated
in this way by a huge man?

He has never made any approach to us to say sorry, so that¹s why we said
we did not want him to get diversion through the courts.

While it¹s a shame that Mairehau School has not been able to comment
publicly on the case, I understand that they have firm policies in place and
they can¹t be seen to take sides. They have been excellent to us. The
principal, his deputy and the chairperson of the Board of Trustees met with
me and said that there was absolutely nothing to the incident in the

It¹s also been brought to my attention that the girl involved in the
incident later encouraged her friends to bait my son, to see if they could
provoke a reaction. A teacher stepped in to ensure this did not happen.

My son has had a couple of other detentions at school, including one for
pushing over a friend. But it was only a falling out between friends and
they have just been away on holiday together. If he was constantly bullying
other children, we would have been told about it. Instead other parents have
been ringing us to support us.

This case has caused enormous stress for my wife and I and I have been
prescribed sleeping pills and anti-anxiety pills to help me get through it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time For a Change

I'm off to pastures new within a week or so and with the change of location (and job)will likely come a change of focus for the blog. It is with great regret I have to inform you that politics may tend to feature a little more often on this site than it has in the past. I'll try and restrict it to the purely salacious stuff though.

Actually the one thing I have realised is that uprooting and moving to a new city is a right royal pain in the arse. Getting possessions packed, the house sold, and moving companies organised is a unique sort of hell.

Selling the house has proved to be the easiest task of all. Thank God the property market is still trundling along nicely and there are still lots of suckers ... sorry I mean buyers ... out there. Still dealing with estate agents, open homes, and lawyers is not an experience I've enjoyed.

Packing is also a mixed blessing. Sure you find a lot of stuff you thought you'd lost. But you also find a heap of shit you really should have misplaced. Amongst my accumulation of goods I discovered a pair of black stovepipe jeans, black winklepicker boots, and the first two albums Madonna ever released. What the hell was I doing during the 1980's? Given that I also found two break-dancing tapes I sure hope it was drugs.

I've also noticed that moving companies have a nice little rort going when it comes to offering you insurance on your possession for the move. Unless you have a specific moving address identified your own insurance company won't give you cover for the move meaning you have to rely on the insurance package offered by the mover. Private insurance for property worth 150 grand will set you back a couple of hundred bucks. The same insurance from the movers is closer to $900. Is that a rip-off I'm smelling??