Monday, April 02, 2007


Sometimes I wonder if technology is altogether too much of a good thing.

A case in point an experience a friend of mine had the other day. To put it in a nutshell he was dumped.

Now I know many of you will be saying well so what, people get dumped all the time. However he was dumped via text message.

i.e. "Im sry bt itz al ovr"

Am I alone in thinking that this is slightly off?

I mean what's wrong with the good old fashioned way of breaking up with people. You know what I mean - not answering their calls, being perpetually busy/unavailable, or by being incredibly incommunicative on the rare occasions that you are together.

Methinks cellphones have a lot to answer for.

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travellingerina said...

Do you not recall my texting story? Not quite dumped by text - but received a message to say we 'needed to talk' - and it became very clear that the newly ex-boyfriend was seeing someone else (had in fact - it appears - been seeing her before we split) - and he was too scared to tell me in person. And he should well have been - as she worked at the same company as us. Ringing any bells? Text messaging is a great medium for cowards. Who was your friend anyway?