Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Real ER

This is the thread that will not die. I pop in every few months just to see the latest outrageous story.

Such as:

If the cops are chasing you, your ear is not a proper place to hide your weed stash. What's worse, don't tell us that it's some random girl's phone number you stuffed in your ear to hide from your girlfriend.


Feeding your weed stash to your dog is not a good idea either. Apparently in high doses it can cause what can best described as an acute psychotic break in said dog, putting multiple dog bites with avulsions and arterial bleeding on your growing list of problems.

even better,

We all know that smoking with O2 is bad but today I learned that its worse with a full beard. Oh the smell.

and finally,

Be careful when squatting 800+ lbs in competition - your quads might explode.

'Nuff said.

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