Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tidy Up

To my few and infrequent readers:

I've winnowed through the links over there on the right. Some have been shitcanned and some newbies have been added.

If you do get the chance check out the folks at Intelligentsiya.

CYFSwatch (now defunct on blogger) may have evoked the ire of a Government Department here in NZ but having the Fijian armed forces out for your blood is far more impressive.

Another one worth a check is Inside Iraq.

These are US and Iraqi journalists giving a pretty brutal account of the shit they're putting up with on a daily basis. Be warned some of the writing is graphic and harrowing.

For light relief (and you'll need it after the previous two blogs) I heartily recommend Scaryduck. He 's a comic marvel.

1 comment:

dad4justice said...

I like the comment about cyfswatch and the fiji connection - bloody power to big brother - cheers dude .