Friday, February 09, 2007

Political Nuts

One of the things that continually bugs me about political partisanship is that blind loyalty walks hand in hand with blind stupidity.

The easiest example to give is from the situation I see here on many NZ blogs. The Labour Party is constantly derided by the conservatives for its trade union backing while the National Party is hounded by it's liberal opponents for its ties to big business. Somehow these geniuses fail to see that these groups are the respective constituents (to a certain extent) of both political parties.

Deriding Labour for its union connections, or National for its relationship with the Business Round Table, makes about as much sense as making dubious allegations about the Maori Party's connection to Maoridom.

"Y'know you can't trust those Maori Party MP's. Those fellahs are in the pocket of a bunch of brown people"

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