Friday, February 16, 2007


Among all of God's manifest powers let us not forget he apparently has a finely tuned sense of humour.

Seriously. I mean a Japanese whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru, catches fire in the Antarctic. The fire is made worse as it is fuelled by blubber from whale carcases and results in the ship being totally immobilised.

I actually have visions of a pod of whales gleefully swimming around the stricken vessel getting down to the Bloodhound Gang.

"The ship, the ship,
The ship is on fire,
We don't need no water,
Let the motherfucker burn,
Burn motherfucker burn."

And as priceless as this is it actually gets better. The only vessel capable of safely towing the Nisshin Maru to safety is former Russian icebreaking tug, the Esperanza. She just happens to be owned by Greenpeace whom the Japanese have previously described as eco-terrorists.

I'll have the whaleburger thanks ... oh and a slice of humble pie to follow.

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