Monday, June 04, 2007

How RNZ Broke the Muliaga Story

I've just figured out how RNZ got the scoop of the year.

I'd been wondering why the name of the Muliaga family spokesman, Brenden Sheehan, was so familiar. The fact he was a unionist was well known but what I'd forgotten was that his union represents RNZ. It turns out I've even blogged about him before.


dc_red said...

Good detective work there. I was surprised by his eloquence right form the start ... knowing this background helps to put things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Random (why can't the MSM come up with that)

This whole story changes from day to day; I fear Mr. Sheehan is playing a few too many cards.

And this may go down as Helen's solitary midreading of the public opinion.