Monday, July 24, 2006

Note to TVNZ

Sometimes you just have to look at TVNZ and ask "What the farrk?"

Case in point is the State Broadcaster's latest initiative with newsreaders Simon Dallow and Wendy petrie. In a flash advertisement come promo the much coiffured couple are seen "getting down wid da yoof" going from location to location asking the younger generation whether they think the lowering of the drinking age has been a good thing. And then at the end of their spiel viewers are invited to text One news with their opinions as well.

What kind of news are these people trying to generate FFS? Is it the case that something has to to be popular to be news or what? Or are they trying to give some sort of image that Simon and Wendy are "proper journalists"?

Sorry guys, your clothes-horses who read autocues ... no more, no less. Stop prancing about pretending to be concerned and mouthing false homilies and read the fucking news.

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