Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random Weirdness

The Australians once again come up with a stupid idea which allows us Kiwis to retain a feeling of moral superiority.

CANBERRA, Jan 30 (Reuters) - An Australian state plans to ban students from wearing denim because it is linked with having a good time.

"It is associated with weekend wear, with recreational time. It's just unacceptable at schools and we are trying to lift the standards," a spokesman for Western Australia state Education Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich said.

The ban on denim in Western Australia's secondary schools will be imposed from 2007.

Then the Alaskans just prove that's there only so much one can do to stay entertained in winter. To be honest I kind of like the concept. The idea of making a 140 foot ice tower is strangely appealing. I guess it's probably a bloke thing.

Finally, (and staying with America) which misguided genius came up with this idea? i mean it's quite impressive but for God's sake why would you want to know where your one dollar bills went? Personally I'd be more interested in tracking down the fifties or the hundreds. I see them so rarely that I wouldn't mind finding out who the lucky bastard was that ended up with them.

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