Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Take a Dance with Destiny.

High drama at the Destiny Church public meeting at the Christchurch Town Hall tonight.
Green Party member Alan Liefting got the bums rush from a posse of Church members after he turned up at the meeting complete with protest banner.

The meeting was ostensibly to launch Bishop Tamaki's new CD and DVD. It's part of a nationwide tour the Bish' is conducting at the moment. Liefting was screaming blue bloody murder on Newstalk ZB tonight claiming it wasn't a scuffle, it was an assault and he was considering laying charges.

A friend of mine was at the meeting and says apart from holding a placard Liefting wasn't overly abrasive. He reckons the going over Liefting got from some "Destiny enforcers" was on the excessive side. There may have been a photo or two taken. If I can get hold of them I'll post them here ASAP.

No doubt there'll be more on the radio and papers tomorrow morning.

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